Hello I'm Ai. I Love J-Pop, K-pop, and Mandopop. It's my personal livejournal account about my random Fangirling.
Yabai... I Think, everything almost about DISH// here hahaha ^0^, but I love many group like Johnny's Artist specially Hey! Say! JUMP, Arashi, etc. I'm rarely writing about johnny's here since there are many blog or LJ about them. Or I think I just post mostly about my crush here, such as YamaNoo, DISH //, Ikuta Toma, YamaKen, etc
Then, I love actors, EBiDAN, D-Boys and Hello! Project group, AVEX like AAA, greeeen, ikimonogakari and all handsome japan boy group hahaha ^0^.
I love watching Dramas and Movie too. I love Toma ikuta, Takeru Sato, Tori Matsuzaka, Haruma Miura, Junpei Mizobata, Yuki Furukawa,  Kento Yamazaki, Ryo Yoshizawa,  Aoi Nakamura, Shun Oguri, and recently I love Jun Shison!

For K-Pop, I love SS501, SHINee, BEAST, Ledapple, etc. For Mandopop, I Love Vic Zhou, Wu Chun, Show Luo, and TFBOYS.

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Nice to know You All...kore kara yoroshiku~~~

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[DOWNLOAD] 20160707 Mezamashi TV - Inoshira (Engsub & indo sub)

Ohisashiburi Minna~~~ genki kai?
I have some free time, then I bring you another inoshira subbed! I wonder if there are people waiting my sub..:-(

I'll really happy if you leave a comment in this or other post, although I can't reply it one by one, and sorry I also can't accept all of friend request. I only approve or add livejournal Account with Johnny's stuff or download stuff. Because I don't want my friend timeline full of random stuff. It hard for me to find some treasures ^0^)/ That's why I don't protect my download link with password or f-locked it. So you can freely download it without add me as friend. But if you want to know my latest update, I suggest you to add my LJ ..LOL

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[DOWNLOAD] 161222 Inooshira mezamashi tv (Ikuta Toma as guest) (engsub & Indo sub)

Tsukaretaaaa~~~ it's already  01:15 am Here
I'm sooooo tired... this hectic week makes me crazy. I got a new job.yeah I love my new job  but the office is soooo faaaar from my house. I must driving my motorcycle round-trip everyday with loooong more than 20 km every day and work from 7 am until 6 pm. Then I have another job I must do every night when I got home. I do not know if I can Survive with this condition. T__T I'm just grateful that I have 2 days holiday in weekend. So I can recharge my body and refill my empty delusion soul haha. I miss Inoooooo I need Inooo ... Even I haven't watch this week mezatv and itajump T__T. sigh...OK I must watch it tomorrow!!! *throw all my paperworks*

Also I'm sure that my partner ichichaa was so busy with her real life. Because of that, we just can finish this translation just now. Sorry for long waiting. Hahaha...  Otsukareeeee for me and my partner~~~

furthermore, I think this translation is only 70% accurate, because there's so many words that I can't hear clearly, specially for the naration. I'm so sorry if I made some mistakes. Corrections are welcome.

jya here if you interested...

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Otanome Uji Uji ryujiiiii~~ gomenne....

I forgot that yesterday was special day for RYUJI.... gomenne hunny bunny..>__< I was too busy...
RYUJI is my ichiban in DISH//... Usually I don't like someone with  hip hop (?) or yankee style, that's why when I knew about DISH// 3 years ago, I love To-i first.  But RYUJI's smile stole my heart and without realizing he's being my ichiban now hahaha.

sorry I forgot your birthday ...RYUJI..
mou hatachi ni narimashitayone.. OMEDETOUUUU!! otona otoko da~!!! I wish the best for you. I hope you can get more drama or movie project this Year!

ato... mou sugu... watashi no musuko mo tanjoubida~
MASAKI... happy birthday my son!! ganbatte for your university days...I'm sure you can graduate from Meiji Daigaku like your father inoo #slapped

Jya.. it just for intermezzo...
for you who wait Inooshira's translation.. please wait a little longer. my partner is still working hard to finish it. Ganbatte icha... Chu~<3
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[DOWNLOAD] 160526 Inoo-chan's rabo mezamashi tv (engsub & Indo sub)

I have completed this translation since a two weeks ago but I was so hectic this week, so I just can post this now. Gomen~
It's a continuation episode of my last subbed Meza TV about shotoku Gakuen Elementary School.
For TomaNoo's episode is still in process, I'll finish it as soon as possible.

jya here if you interested..

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[DOWNLOAD] Mezamashi TV 2016.12.22 (Inoo & toma cut)

Hai hai hai
Let’s begin this post with ‘KYYYYAAAAAAAAAA’…
Who know me so well, I guess you know why I’m screaming…
IKUTA TOMA came as GUEST to promote his new movie! *throw confetti*
Finally I could watch My first love Oniichan IKUTA TOMA  and my lovely hubby INOO KEI in one screen!!! Also IKUTA KYOUDAI!!!!
Toma even stares at inoo when he said he love toma's action act, make inoo fluttered. Toma also said that he want Inoo to be his pet after watched kyou no wanko segmen!!
Not just TomaNoo moment, I love today's Ikuta kyoudai moment too.  Toma was asked about 5 questions to know his personality. The result say that Toma is a type to speak without thinking afterwards. Miyake-san ask him how his opinion about the result. Then toma ask his brother instead, and shyly Ryusei say Toma is good brother after all …so cuuutttteeee…>-<

Inoo act like a kid in Inooshira.. chooo kawaiiiii…I hope he remember that he is 26th. But I love when he scream Umaaaaaii… Shiawase… Umaaaiii…!! Ah.. I’m gonna sub  this part soon.

Nah.. here you go …

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Hey! Say! JUMP's Give Me Love Romaji Lyric + Translation

Probably this translation is not 100% accurate, because my japanese still not good enough. It just for my practice.  But I tried my best. I'm sorry if I made mistakes, I'll Happy if you can give me correction so I can learn more about japanese.

Thanks to my lovely partner ichichaa for English Translation. #BigHug (^0^)/
then this is second project of Kimochi (stylized as KiNooChI).

Hey! Say! JUMP Ungkap Cover & Daftar Lagu Single Baru Give Me Love - LE.jpg

Give Me Love Give Me Love
Doko made mo yuku hatenai kono sora no shita
Give Me Love Give Me Love
Daijina hito ga doko ka de kimi wo matteru

Nani ka tsutaetai kedo kotoba ja tarinakute
Kaze no naka ni kotae wo hitori sagashiteita
Sameta kokoro ni kasaneta ano nukumori
Sono isshun de yatto kidzuku omoi ga afuredashiteku

Sou Give Me Love Give Me Love
Doko made mo yuku hatenai kono sora no shita
Give Me Love Give Me Love
Daijina hito ga doko ka de kimi wo matteru
Zutto sakendeta boku no omoi todoku made
Mou mayowanai kara

Tameiki karami atta hosoi ito no youna
Fuan ga hitotsu hitotsu toketeku no ga wakatta
Sadame no youna hikari ga ima koko ni aru
Sashinoberu te no saki kagayaita mirai tadoritsuku made

Sou Give Me Love Give Me Love
Kinou no yume no tsudzuki wa mou minakutemo ii
Give Me Love Give Me Love
Asu no ibasho wo boku ni kureta kimi no tame
Dekiru koto ga aru susumu beki michi ga aru
Mou aruki daseru

Asa yake ga sasu hou e to mukai
Hajimari o abinagara sukoshidzutsu
Boku wa boku o koete yuku yo
Fly! Maiagare!

Sou Give Me Love Give Me Love
Doko made mo yuku hatenai kono sora no shita
Give Me Love Give Me Love
Daijina hito ga doko ka de kimi o matteru
Zutto sakendeta boku no omoi todoku made
Mou mayowanai kara

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[DOWNLOAD] Mezamashi TV 2016.12.15 - Inoo cut

konbanwa.. I'm still awake.. almost 01:00 AM here . hahaha
I just want to share...Yesterday morning Mezamashi TV. For the first time Inoo saw him self with Hey! Say! JUMP's member in interview segment of Entertainment news for FNS Idol Festival report. He got a nickmane as Idol Inoo. Also, Inoo met his senpais, Kanjani8's Murakami shingo and Nishikido Ryo who come to studio as guest. Omoshiroi episode!!

Thanks to dis0414 Finally I can cut it with smaller size. Yippy~~ Arigatou~
As Usually, Please DO NOT reupload to Streaming sites. If the link is broken or blocked, I would not to upload it again

Oke... Oyasumi Minna~

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[DOWNLOAD] 160519 Inoo-chan's Rabo Mezamashi TV (Engsub & Indosub)

This is first collaboration project with ichichaa as Kimochi (stylized as KiNooChI). We both still a newbie as translator, so this translation not 100% accurate. Also Japanese or English is not our native language, sorry if we made mistakes.
Because finally I've got a partner, we'll do our best to subbing Inoo-chan's video, since he is our ichiban. hahaha

This epidose of Inoo's Rabo, he visited special education elementary school for High IQ kids. I don't protect it with password, you can download it freely, but please DONT REUPLOAD IT to streaming sites, and Don't claim it as your own work.

Jya.. here If you Interested.

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One year with YamaNoo

Dekitaaaaa.... my special calendar..
Last year, I got unique and cool table calendar from my friend. Since 2016 will over soon, and the standee still useable, I ended up making this.. I made it by my self. Kawaii deshou.. full with YamaNoo. 😍😂 I also made this for my friends with their ichiban, niban, sanban photos 😂😂😂😁.
ok... just intermezzo.... kekeke